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I'm Jannah! I'm from small-town, Colorado, born and raised.


While I travel all over the world to shoot, my home is in Utah and I absolutely love everything about it there.


I work on location and prefer to use natural lighting (but I'm a sucker for a good studio shoot as well). 


I stumbled into photography at a young age when my high school boyfriend didn't like me waiting tables and found me a job with a photographer who changed my life (shout out to Cary LaCouture).


I snuck into my first professional sports shoot almost 10 years ago and I am so thankful that somehow my whole professional career sprung from it.


I graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism &
Mass Communication at Arizona State where I studied photography, graphic design & marketing.


I’m a SunDevil to the core and I've shot for clients and teams all over the country but never UofA.


I love my dogs and yes, my Great Dane, Gatsby, has his own instagram (@GreatDaneGatsby). 


I'm a self-proclaimed buffalo wing connoisseur. 


I have a love / hate relationship with the way photography is evolving.

I love the accessibility but I hate the way the true art and craft is being thrown aside and the authenticity is being lost in a sea of internet models and flat lays of breakfast food. I'm always aiming to change that.



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