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Due to a large volume of requests, I may not reply to queries for unpaid image use. My general policies regarding image use depend on context, as follows:

Commercial Use

Images may be licensed for commercial use with a paid, written agreement rights-managed contract. If you are interested in the licensing of multiple photos, I offer discounts. Contact me with the details of your project. Examples of commercial use include: company and organization web pages, product labels, books, advertising, merchandise, magazines, most apps, and educational products.

License fees vary greatly depending on the use, but 
generally, fall between $40 and $1,000 per image. Licensing from special events, such as championships, rare events or historic moments, may far exceed the general range.  

Registered non-profit organizations may be able to license my work at discounted rates, or free of charge, depending on the context of use. Contact me for an estimate; written permission is required.


I do not allow my work to be used in projects involving uploads to sites that apply a blanket Creative Commons license. This means my photographs cannot be used on Wikipedia, Wikispaces, and other similar sites.

Press Releases

I do not allow my images to be used in press releases without a contracted in writing rights-transfer. Transfers can be purchased for a limited selection of unpublished photographs, starting at $500/image.

Social Media 

Use of my photographs in social media (facebook, blogs, twitter, etc.) is the same as "Commercial Use" (above) and requires a paid, written licensing agreement.

Derivative Artworks

Prior written permission is required to copy all or parts of my photographs in derivative artworks. Some adaptations I may consider to be Fair Use, others will require a formal licensing agreement. The only way to legally proceed is to contact me and arrange an agreement.

Copyright Infringement Policy

Unfortunately, I contend with many copyright infringements every year. I have implemented the following policy in an attempt to maintain control over my work and value of my craft. 

Unauthorized non-commercial uses of my copyrighted images and text are subject to DMCA takedown requests without advance notice. 

Unauthorized infringements of my images will be handled by myself or a contracted copyright enforcement organization or individual acting on my behalf, which may result in legal action to recover statutory damages as outlined in Title 17, § 504, of the United States copyright laws. 

All of the images on and all images captured by Jannah Din are registered copyright by Jannah Din.

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